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Boost Views, Clicks + Leads!


Ready to create content that’ll win over customers in 2023? The Content Ranking Fast Track is the quick-fix training to get interested eyeballs on your content. I’ve loaded the course with four cornerstone modules teaching you how to plan, write, and optimize your content for search engines. You’ll also find a bunch of useful templates and other shortcuts to help you speed through the most time-consuming parts of SEO.

Learn the essentials of creating content that ranks on the first page of search engines, including battle-tested shortcuts. No SEO experience required!  Stop wasting time creating content that doesn't pull in leads. Get practical steps to kickstart content that ranks high.

Content Ranking Fast Track is the easy solution to your SEO struggles. You’ll get processes and templates you can use again and again to quickly create content that’s in ship shape to soar to the first page of search. 


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SEO Essentials + Keyword Secrets: All in an easy-to-understand format, I'll tell you what keywords are best and where to put them in your content to get to the top of search engines. I even include a cheat sheet or two to keep you on the right track.

Write Content That Delivers Results: This is a quick-paced course meant to deliver actionable results. You’ll learn my exact process of how to plan, write, and optimize your content for search engines. 

Easy To Understand Tutorials: Everything is in video format, so you can follow along. I show you how to quickly apply SEO best practices to quickly ascend the pages of search engines.


Once you purchase Content Ranking Fast Track, you'll be directed to create an account with our membership portal. There are 4 modules with videos explaining the process that goes into quickly creating content to rank high on search engines.

Additionally, we have walkthrough videos using some of the best SEO tools available.

Plus, you'll receive:

  • Content Ranking Roadmap

  • Blog Idea Worksheet

  • Blog Tracker Worksheet

  • The Ultimate Ranking Cheat Sheet

... and a few other templates thrown in to help set you up for high-ranking success!


If, after completing the entire Content Ranking Fast Track course and the directions on all templates, you are not fully satisfied with your results, please reach out to us at beth@bethchernes.com within 30 days and get a full refund.

Rest Easy Knowing Your Content IsAttracting Customers!

Creating content requires time and money—yours. So, you want to make sure it's doing its job and bringing you traffic and leads. Instead of struggling to create content that gets views or procrastinating because you’re unsure about what you’re doing, let’s put you on the fast track to ranking success.  With just a bit of time and elbow grease, you can turn your content into a lead-generating machine without being an SEO expert.


Improve your Search Engine Rankings!

Content Ranking Fast Track Gives You Clear Tips, Great Tactics and tangible Real-Life Example

  • Content Ranking Fast Track works for all types of websites for all types of industries or niches. It gives you clear, actionable tips without being cumbersome on tech terms.

  • Tactics to help with keyword research, content planning, optimizations, and the secrets of what Google’s algorithm really loves!

  • Get real-life examples of the tools content marketing pros use daily to create high-ranking traffic!

Content Ranking Fast Track Mockup

How much time is required?

These modules are designed for you to work at your own pace. Instead of the time-consuming process of researching all the necessary tasks for developing SEO-driving content, you get it all in an easy-to-understand course with templates. So, the amount of time depends on how long it takes for you to do the planning, writing, and optimizing. 

How fast can I expect to see results?

Please remember that SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. While this course is designed to cut out the time-consuming process of researching all the necessary tasks for developing SEO-driving content, the results of ranking take time and are out of Beth Chernes’ control. 

Do I need to buy any extra tools or software for this to work?

No additional tools are required to complete this course. There are many free tools available that may help you, but none are required. You’ll get a list of some tools you can look into, both paid and free.

I don't have a blog yet. Do I need this?

Yes! There’s no better way to start a blog than by creating content that is planned, designed, and published to be high-ranking. This is a course that can help you do just that.  

Is everything available immediately?

Yes. Upon receipt of the purchase, you will get access to the membership area and all training materials. In fact, if additional content is added to the course at a later date, you’ll get access to that too. 

Can I share this with a friend?

While it’s wonderful to share knowledge with others, this offer is limited to your exclusive use. Terms and conditions apply. Basically, no sharing. Please refer your friend to purchase their own copy. 

"We relied heavily on her detailed writing & her extensive knowledge of digital marketing"

Beth’s ingenuity, attention to detail, and positive attitude made working with her a breeze and a joy. We relied heavily upon her detailed writing and her extensive knowledge of digital marketing and the deployment of data analytics. I would recommend working with Beth.

Teresa W.

Did You Know?

53.3% of all website traffic comes from organic search.